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Drew Conrad

Customer Success, Project Management,
and Operations Leader

Highly accomplished, deeply experienced operations, and project management leader with a proven track record of strategic leadership, cross-functional collaboration, and operational excellence. Data-driven and adaptable, undeterred at reshaping business models into productive, cost-efficient, profitable enterprises. Passion for driving strategic alignment, managing relationships, and providing exceptional operational leadership. Expert in empowering peers and teams to achieve outstanding results.

Currently located in the greater Atlanta area. Open to hybrid and remote.

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July 2020 | September 2023

Chief of Staff / Head of Customer Success

Assumed senior leadership responsibilities, overseeing organizational strategy, executive communications, and cross-functional collaboration. Served as the strategic leader for the Customer Success, Project Management, and Operations team, scaling the organization and establishing customer-centric processes. Drove client growth, fostered team building and oversaw contract renewals to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

March 2019 | July 2020

Head of Product & Development

Provided strategic leadership to the external software development teams, tasked with delivering products to meet growing customer demands of contact centers. Implemented SAFe Agile methodologies to drive efficiency and innovation. Managed Technical Project Managers to develop detailed implementation plans for rapid growth of business.

January 2014 | March 2019

Senior Manager / Associate Director of Project Management

Managed the digital portfolio PMO driving customer-centric initiatives for AT&T's contact centers, overseeing the development and implementation of digital engagement tools and AI-powered customer support solutions for 25,000 contact center agents. Team executed large-scale projects to enhance the overall customer experience and support smooth center operations.

May 2008 | January 2014

Senior Project Manager

Provided comprehensive project management support for the 10-person team, with a focus on launching cutting-edge consumer devices and driving customer satisfaction improvements.

Led transformation to SAFe Agile, achieving >90% Say-Do Ratio, enabling faster delivery, and fostering innovation in the marketplace.

Drove team expansion by 300%, addressing capacity constraints, and reducing deployment backlog, contributing to remarkable growth.

Doubled book of business within 2 years, managing Fortune 50 clients, and securing contract renewals, increasing ARR by 5%.


Strategic Leadership

Operational Excellence

Business Growth

Empowerment & Team Leadership

SAFe Agile Implementation

Project Management

Cost Savings

Customer Satisfaction Improvement

Product Ownership

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Client Relationship Management

Process Streamlining

Product Development

OKR Implementation

Performance Improvement

Process Improvement

Employee Resource Group (ERG) Support

Bachelor of Science (BS)
Sociology and Women’s Studies
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Meet Cynthia
Q & A
Q & A
Why did you choose your profession?

I am not sure I so much chose my profession, as it chose me. I started in call centers because of the insurance of all things. My wife was pregnant and the insurance for union agents at AT&T was fantastic. I think for that entire pregnancy we paid a single $20 copay! It was not a case of settling though. It was quickly clear that I had an innate understanding of the call center world and how to drive and motivate agents. Taking the next steps into management, operations support, and then executive management came very naturally and I love the people in that world.  

Who is the one person who has done the most to shape you into who you are today? How was the person significant to you? 

There are so many it is hard to choose. I truly believe that each of us stands on the shoulders of those that lifted us up, believed in us, and gave us opportunities. That is not to say that we did not have to do the work, just that we all owe so much to those that helped us along the way. I could choose my grumpy old Scoutmaster, Mr. Vander, who did so much to show me what a good person looks like. Or perhaps it is Dr. Diane Wysocki who saw a student struggling to understand his place and provided the mentoring needed to get me moving forward. Or maybe I should say Kathy Schubert, the leader that gave me my initial shot and then provided guidance in the world I have been in for the last 20 years. The truth is, all three of them shaped me into who I am today, and many more besides them. 

What has been the greatest accomplishment of your life so far? Is there anything you wish to do even better?

My greatest accomplishments are not in my professional life. Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of the things I have built, the mentorship I have provided, and the results that my teams have delivered. While my work is very important and fulfilling to me, it is my unpaid work of which I am most proud. I have mentored dozens of young men and women struggling in our modern world to find their place. I have given my blood, sweat, tears, and treasure to help project into the world the kindness and understanding that I think we need. Those are the things that will last and reverberate through time, and it has been my greatest endeavor without a doubt.

How would your peers and team members describe your responsiveness as a leader?

My peers would say that I am a negotiator and compromiser in the fullest sense of those words. They always know that I will carefully listen to their advice and expertise and be responsive to their opinions while looking for balanced solutions to create the best outcome that is possible with the options available. My team members would say that I am considerate and extremely responsive to them. That I maintain high standards but know when to give and when to stand firm on expectations. I am a servant leader in the deepest sense of that word, allowing people to work while providing cover and knocking down barriers.  

Interests & Hobbies

Justin Richards, Operations Partner/Citizen Data Scientist (Worked for me) 

Just wanted to reach out and say thank you for having always been a fantastic leader. I know that I (and definitely the team) always appreciated your guidance and approaches to solving the dumpster fires that were a constant but interesting part of our day to day. You taught all of us quite a bit and I just wanted to say thank you for that and inspiring us to improve each day.

Mark Siner - SVP of Sales (Leadership Peer) 

You are a class act and always enjoyed working with you.

Stefani McCloskey - Director of Technical Project Management (Worked for me and mentee)

Without you I'd be lost…or late. Or over caffeinated. Thanks for your support! #AmazingMentor

Bryan Kao - Full Stack Developer and Engineering Manager (Worked for me)

Drew is someone who will enable you to do your best. As a manager, he always paved the way for all of us to get things done and succeed. It was an excellent working relationship built on trust and high performance.

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